About Us

JahZoe Design Company


JahZoe Design Company is owned and operated by Leigh Drew. She has acted as the CEO and Head Designer of Layout and Production since June 1996. JahZoe Design Company encompasses two distinct areas of operation in the form of Jewelry Design and Graphic Design.

Jewelry Design - Leigh has over 28 years of experience in Designing/Making Handmade Jewelry and Graphic Design. Specifically she has been designing Handmade Jewelry using variety of mediums; selling to the public as well as organizations

As part of the Jewelry Making Business, Leigh teaches classes on Jewelry Making in a “Group” setting ( ie) "Girls Night Out", Wedding Showers, Parties, and Events) as well as classes at religious institutions.

Graphic Design - (Print/Web) With over 20 years of experience in Graphic Design, Leigh has expertise in Logo Design, Identity Systems, Magazine (Print/Digital), Custom Wedding Invitation Line, Original Copyright and Websites (Template). 

Clients in this area are Religious Institutions, Small Businesses, Artists, Musicians, Corporations, the little Fashionista’s of the world (a.k.a. “Tiny Trinkets-Toddlers/Infants”) Weddings, Recording Artists and Medical Professionals. Leigh also has "Twice Made Treasures" in her business and this involves taking those pieces of jewelry that you once treasured that have some bumps and bruises and give them a new face or design! She also will take a current piece and redesign it into something different!

Leigh brings an Associate of Applied Science Communication Design and a Vocational Certificate in Desktop Publishing Application Specialist in addition to her Associates degree in Communication Design from Johnson County Community College.


For Jewelry Design, The Fashion Industry is the target market, specifically the common citizen who wants to wear high fashion designs, but is working with a small budget. Really the target demographic is: Male and Female; young and old however, proven success resides in Leigh’s ability to cater to the Senior Citizens and the Disabled with accessible findings. Part of her process is helping the client develop their imagination/desires for great fashion accessories which is clearly stated in her slogan: “Jewelry made with passion for your style of fashion!”

As for the Graphic Design business, Leigh will target those who are in need of Communication Design work (Printed Media: Business Cards, Brochures, Magazines, Books, Banners and Branding). (ie) Churches, Weddings and Corporations. Historically, Leigh has been successful in designing for Doctors, Greek Societies, Recording Artists and Schools.